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Squadra Solutions is committed to excellence in all phases of our service delivery from strategy planning to delivery and support

Squadra Solutions helps organizations reap the benefits of the Digital Services transformation by:

  • Reducing Cost and Risk of technology innovation and transformation
  • Creating new opportunity streams, increasing efficiency in infrastructure O&M
  • Developing New agile and integrated architectures across verticals
  • Building end-to-end secure service delivery architecture
  • Designing Software driven, highly Orchestrated and automated IT infrastructure
  • Architecting Embedded Security architecture and strategy
  • Developing Risk and Compliance IT strategy



Businesses and federal agencies missions are challenged to capitalize on digital Services transformation by ever-changing threat landscape, regulatory compliance and internal governance policies.

Squadra Solutions’ technical and operational domain expertise from federal, commercial and service providers enable us to leverage best practices from these diverse environments to deliver unique security architectures using best of breed technologies.

  • Network Security Architecture
  • Strategic Cybersecurity planning
  • Cybersecurity Products integration
  • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
  • Security automation and orchestrations
  • Governance Risks and Compliance


In legacy enterprise campus’, the majority of networks are manual systems comprising layers of switches, VLANs, and security products, each adding operational complexity.

These challenges are prompting a growing number of enterprises to adopt a combination of cloud and highly integrated network technologies as their primary operating model. 

Squadra Solutions offers a rich Portfolio of Enterprise solutions delivering the key.

  • Security Compliance
  • Real Time Network & Application Security Architecture
  • Combined Infrastructure Management Interfaces
  • Zero Touch Provisioning & End-to-End Network Visibility
  • Convergence Framework with APIs Integrating with Best-of-Breed Technology
  • Automation & Orchestration Capabilities
  • Enterprise Wireless & Mobility Strategy
  • Virtualization & Cloud Strategy


The new data center landscape is largely virtualized and spread across multiple, geographically distributed sites and public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Building, connecting, and securing this array of interconnected resources is a significant challenge; one that requires a new approach to designing data center network, starting with an architecture optimized for the cloud era and an infrastructure that gives you agility, automation, and simplicity.

Squadra Solutions offers a rich Portfolio of Data Center and Cloud solutions delivering Next Generation DC capabilities TODAY.

  • DCI & DC Edge Architecture
  • Optical Core & Metro Design
  • DC Fabric Architecture & Integration
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Analytics & Monitoring
  • DDoS & DC Microsegmentation
  • Cloud Security Architecture


Data Center / Cloud

The Data Center, Colo, Cloud, Hosting and Content providers are shaping up to being the biggest services provider community. not only are they driving the majority of the industry’s growth, but they are also shaping the future of Digital services and driving the innovation we all benefit from as consumers and more importantly as business decision makers.

Squadra Solutions develops unique Technology solutions tailored to the needs of this fast paced, innovative and demanding vertical.

Some of the trends driving our DC solutions : 

  • Non-Stop Demand
  • Higher Capacity & Density Demands
  • Internet of Things
  • Integrated Systems Architectures (Strong Technology Ecosystem)
  • Software Defined Infrastructure & Automation
  • Service Continuity
  • Network Based & Virtualized Security Constructs


Our technical and operational domain expertise from commercial Enterprise and Service Providers enable us to leverage best practices from these diverse environments to deliver unique insights with DoD, Intelligence and Civilian agencies.

We are one of the leading experts with Next Generation Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Modernization Solutions supporting

  • DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program
  • OMB Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Cross-Agency Priority Goals: Cybersecurity & Smarter IT Delivery
  • Federal Information Security & Privacy Management Requirements

Enterprise Networking

Enterprises constitute the largest community of IT consumers and practitioners. Powering some of the world's biggest Retail, manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and financial organizations are highly secure, and efficient Enterprise IT service architectures .

The way companies buy, build, manage, optimize and secure information technology is changing dramatically. From cloud computing to big data analytics to ubiquitous mobile connectivity, corporate IT systems are getting faster, more efficient, cheaper to operate and easier to use. In the process, a new wave of tech companies has emerged to challenge established players.

Noteworthy trends in the enterprise market are driving the type of services Squadra Solutions is delivering in the industry

  • Migration Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization
  • New IT Buyers
  • Distributed Security Threats
  • Big Data
  • Speed
  • Consumer Quality Interfaces


Squadra Solutions is committed to excellence in all phases of our service delivery. From strategy and consulting during the planning phase, to our unbeatable cost-effective resell and procurement services, and finally our professional services and staff augmentation.

In all engagement with Squadra Solutions we’re dedicated to providing the best customer experience and the highest customer value at a cost effective model.


  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Program Management
  • Virtual CIO/CISO


  • Hardware & Software Product Resell


  • Professional Services
  • Staging
  • Project Management

Support & Optimize

  • Staff Augmentation
  • NOC Services
  • Technology roadmap

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